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Need for holistic approach(1)

The global challenges like Earth warming, lack of resources, sustainability or unfair distribution of wealth needs a new three dimensions-model for the future:  a holistic approach to bridge economy, food security and eco-ethics.





  • worldwide accessibility for food/diminishing quantitative discrepancy between rich and poor countries
  • providing a nutritional optimum per capita
  • decreasing waste of food

Food Security

  •  tracing/tracking of animals and products
  • developing a good agricultural practice
  • building responsibility for the total supply chain
  •  Sustainability

    • meeting technical standards like CO 2 decrease/not living on the expense of other generations
    • developing eco-ethics (2) : for consumption and mental behaviour/promoting eating culture
    • to care for human issues like social balance (nationally/internationally)

      : Source: Prof. Dr. Bernd Hallier
      (2): Prof. Dr. Bulent Senay
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