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Doctor honoris causa in Prague

The University of Economics  (VSE) in Prague/CZ conferred upon  Prof. Dr. B. Hallier the Honorary Degree “Doctor Oeconomiae Honoris Causa” in recognition of his outstanding contribution towards the development of retailing. In a traditional ceremony under the supervision of the Rector Prof. Dr. h.c Richard Hindls, the Prorector  Prof. Dr. Hana Machkova and the Dean of the International Faculty Prof. Dr. Dana Zadrazilova rectors, deans and professors from several European countries took part.


Prof. Dr. Hallier elaborated in his speech of thanks the important role of retailers as drivers of global innovation and placed the  sector of retail in between the micro-level of Alois Schumpeter and the macro-level of Nikolay Kondratjeff and explained his Evolution Tornado of Retail. His conclusion is to add to academic education in future vocational training to transform universities to competence centers for life-long-learning. In the list of former "doctor oeconomiae honoris causa" of the VSE Prague are among others the Nobel Prize laureates Prof.Gary S. Becker, Prof. Dr. Douglass North, Prof. Milton Friedman and Prof. Robert A. Mundell. 

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