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Within the discussions about the Total Supply Chain or the ECR-platforms the dominance of thought is focusing on the retail/suppliers relationship. As drivers of  the development the traditional IT is research-object, but also B2B in the internet. Within the next decade as a third dimension new social networks dependent on modern technology will become major stakeholders of the development.

Evolution Tornado

While outlets changed from Mum and Papa Stores in the 50ies via the introduction of self-service to supermarkets (Point of Sales), then due to organizations like POPAI or ECR to POP (Point of Purchase) now they fight to become an USP by POD (Point of Differentiation) – but in future they have to become partner of a triangle of electronic networks(retail/suppliers/consumers). By YouTube, FaceBook, StudieVZ etc. consumers will gain big impact onto retail-organizations and even individual outlets. The future innovation–wave is according to EuroShop president Prof. Dr. B. Hallier the POC (Point of Communication or Point of Consumer).

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