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Organisation und Marktstrategie im Tabakwarenfachgroßhandel

“Organisation und Marktstrategie im Tabakwarenfachgroßhandel

("Organization and Market-Strategy within tobacco-distribution") 

was printed in German in 1983 and analyses the legal framework in Germany for the distribution of tobacco-products and the changes of the supply-chain due to technological innovations on wholesale-level.

ISBN 3-525-12265-9






Kultur und Geschichte des Handels“Kultur und Geschichte des Handels”

("Culture and History of Commerce") 

ISBN 3-87257-228-8

was firstly published in Germany in 1999 It is an intertwine between 5000 years history of commerce and its documentation by art. In 2003 a Korean edition (ISBN 89-7208-186-8) was available. Updated and enlarged the Russian edition was published in 2007 (ISBN 5-85523-120-8) and the Chinese edition is in preparation for 2011. 




“Praxisorientierte Handelsforschung”

("Applied Research for Retail/Wholesale")

published in German in 2001 is the description of 50 years research by today’s EHI Retail Institute/Cologne.

ISBN 3-87257-238-5



Sammler, Stifter und Maezene des Handels“Sammler, Stifter und Mäzene des Handels”

("Collectors, Sponsors and Doners of Commerce")  

was published in Germany in 2002. It describes the companies of 254 families from eight centuries – with 1000 social or cultural activities beyond their core-business.

ISBN 3-87357-249-0

Volume 2 is under preparation in 2009.




Euroshop“EuroShop: Inspiration/Motivation/Innovation"

is a German/English written history of the intertwine between the economic/political parameters in Germany (partly Europe) since 1950 and the impulses on the founding of the fair for investment-goods for retailers “EuroShop” in 1966 – as well as its impact as a catalyst for innovation for the macro-economic development. This book was published in 2004.

ISBN 3-87257-266-0





 “World Cruise of Kruzenshtern

describes the history of their German/Russian Tall ship which is under sail since 1926 and based today at the Baltic State Academy in Kaliningrad. The ship surrounded the world in 2005/2006 and was accompanied by the famous painter Andrey Krasilschikov and the three well-known photographers specialized on the maritime genre Y. Maslyaev, A. Seleznev and W. Semidjanov. 90 pictures in colours are published in the book – the introduction is in Russian, English, Spanish, French and German.

ISBN 5-85523-053-8



Modern stores

Современные магазины. История развития

("Modern Stores")

is based on part 2 of the EuroShop book, but updated – and in Russian language. This history of technical development divides outlets into 15 different segments. High caliber experts describe the process of innovation from their experience. This shopfitting-guide is available since the beginning of 2009.

ISBN 5-85523-055-4





City and Regional Marketing. Concepts. Trends. Case Studies"

City Marketing

This reader of 25 experts describes in English and Russian language concepts, case-studies and trends  of the development of infrastructure and branding in East and West. The book is available since the end of April  2010.


ISBN 978-5-99009-133-7 








"TeamSpirit for Networking"

Edited by M. Fedorov and B. Hallier “TeamSpirit for Networking” this English/Russian Book has four chapters:

  • The history of the European Retail Academy since 2005 inclusive the concept of the Kruzenshtern Workshops
  • A report about the first Eurasia Youth Forum with activities in Yekaterinburg/Russia and Astana/Kazakhstan


  • An introduction into the start to develop within the EU a sector-network for vocational training in retail
  • A chapter about spin-off-networks and sponsors

The book was published  in Russia in spring 2011.

ISBN 5-9656-0091-7

"From Crisis to Competence"


In this English/German reader in chapter 1 Prof. Dr.B. Hallier  describes the BSE-crisis and the consequences to build up tracing and tracking systems for cows and beef – and how from anti-crisis management now pro-active marketing has been created.  In chapter 2 external experts from the total supply chain contribute with additional systems or scientific approaches.  Chapter 3 are historical data and sources – thought for follow-up studies of interested universities. 


The book is available via http://www.orgainvent.de/ 



ISBN 978-3-941502-09-3




   "German-Russian Twin Cities "



This Russian/German publication is a survey of all cities with official partner contracts. It is a preparatory study for the next bi-annual meeting of the twin-cities in spring 2013 - this time in Uljanovsk/Russia: brithplace of Lenin.


The book will be available in the end of 2012.











   "Food Waste Management"



The English/German reader, published in January 2015, is with its Chapter 1 an introduction into e-learning-modules of the handbook of the EU-project FoRWaRd being developed in eight languages by an international consortium to decrease food waste and to improve food security. Chapter 2 offers connections to partners within the Total Supply Chain and the European Retail Academy.

ISBN 978-3-941502-15-4













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