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a)  Becoming its managing director in 1985 Hallier united the Institute for Self service (ISB) and the Rationalization Institute (RGH) to become the DHI (German Retail Institute) in 1988/89 and transformed the DHI to become the European Retail Institute (EHI) in 1993. The consolidated annual turnover of the EHI-group is about 14 million Euro today.

Source: Diller, H., Vahlens Großes Marketinglexikon, München, 2001, p. 356 and 564

b)  Hallier is president of EuroShop, which he positioned as the Nr.1 fair of investment-goods for retail/wholesale worldwide.

Source: Diller, H., a.a.O., p. 438

c)  In a segmentation-strategy he created in 1997 for the technology segment the EuroCIS fair, today Nr.1 in Europe. In a penetration-strategy he established in Moscow the Shop Design Russia  and in Shanghai the Chinese Retail Conference CRC

d)  In reaction to food-scandals Hallier established in 1997 Orgainvent for tracing and tracking cows and beef and in 1998 FoodPlus which created a benchmark for good agricultural practice by EUREPGAP (since 2007 - GLOBALG.A.P.) which today is applied in about 80 countries around the world. 

Source: Diller, H., a.a.O., p. 1231 and 432

To promote further on the dialogue between agricultural and retail he placed at the East-West-Forum of the International Green Week in Berlin the AgriBusinessForum in 2005.

e)  In 2005 Hallier created also the European Retail Academy as an international network of retail-academia. Uptill February 2011 this is a common platform of over 200 research-institutes from 50 territories. Starting the Annual Meetings in 2006 at the VSE/Prague/Czech Republic it is always of the triannual EuroShop (2008/2011) and in the other years in ERA partner countries. Additionall activities are summer schools like in Kiev/Ukraine or student trips with the Tallship Kruzenshtern or the EURASIA Friendship Train.

f)  In 2008 he started to promote Environmental Retail Management by a research project and an own homesite.

g) In 2009 Hallier started to build up the European Competence Center for Vocational Training (for retail) to offer modules for life-long-learning from vocational training to academic careers

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