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a) Business administration

In the end of the 80ies, beginning of the 90ies the EHI Retail Institute under the leadership of Bernd Hallier developed a new step in cost-calculation for retail/wholesale by the Direct Product Profitability-calculation.

Source: Diller, H., Vahlens Großes Marketinglexikon, München, 2001, p. 307 f

b) Macro-economics

1998 Hallier published for the first time innovation-cycles for retail/wholesale in analogy with Nikolai Kondratiew. The main thesis is: Since 1800 retail/wholesale have been recipients of 25 year-cycles of innovation; nowadays wholesale/retail have become driver for macro-economic developments.

Source: Diller, H., a.a.O., p. 157 and 667

In 2006 enlarged his theory by the “Hallier Pyramid” connecting his theory with Kondratieff (macro-level) and Schumpeter (micro-level).

Source: Wyzsza Syzkola Ekonomic w Kielcach, Kielce/Poland, 2006 p. 79 ff

In 2009 he enlarged his theory by the Evolution Tornado of Retail.

Source: www.berndhallier.de (News)

c) Environment/Sustainability

In Summer 2008 Hallier started to introduce the term Environmental Retail Management. As a major tactical step he introduced an Environmental Flow Chart to benchmark all environmental  activities of the Total Supply Chain.

Source: http://www.european-retail-academy.org/ERM/, News August 29th 2008, October 23rd, 2008 and December 19th, 2008

In 2011 Hallier started the holistic concept of "The Global House of Harmony" bridging economy, food-security and eco-ethics.

Source: http://www.european-retail-academy.org/ERM/News May 16th 2011

d)  Vocational Training

In 2010 a first study for the Social Dialogue in Brussels was started to survey the status quo and content developments of vocational training within all EU-countries



e) Interdisciplinary

With Kultur und Geschichte des Handels” (Culture and History of Trade) published in German in 1999 and “Sammler, Stifter und Mäzene des Handels” published in 2002 Bernd Hallier created a link between the history of retail/wholesale and cultural history/art. Kultur und Geschichte was published also in Korean language in 2003 and in Russian in 2007; the Chinese edition is under preparation now.

To promote the dialogue between retail, art and research in 2006 Hallier together with the magazine “Der Kunsthandel” established the Forum Art Business, an internet-site initiating research for art-galleries. (http://european-retail-academy.de/FAB/ )



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