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 Bernd Hallier

Bernd Hallier, born at July 28th 1947 in Hamburg/Germany, studied at Hamburg University and graduated with a MA-degree in Economics.

He then worked in distribution where he became assistant to the Board and Key-account-manager of an international cigarette company. During that time additionally as a part-time student he wrote his PhD-thesis about the response to high-tech-innovation in wholesale/retail versus the relationship between trade and consumer-products industry. His analysis of cigarette-sales via vending machines (included in his thesis) could be seen as a first ECR-project applied already between 1979 and 1982 (Hallier, B., Organisation und Marktstrategie im Tabakwarenfachgroßhandel, Göttingen, 1983). 

In 1985 he became head of the Institute for Self-Service (ISB) in Cologne/Germany which he first transformed into the German Trade Institute (DHI) and then in 1993 into the European Trade Institute (EHI) today labeled as EHI Retail Institute. Already during his studies he gained international experience due to traineeships in Turkey, Israel, South Africa, Japan, China. Later he traveled and lectured in all continents of the world.

He was honored in the Czech Republic by the the University of Economics in Prague (VSE)

  •  in 1994 for his help of transition;
  •  getting the Alois Rasin-Medal in 2000;
  •  getting the 50 years-jubilee-Medal in 2003.
  •  honored by a Dr.h.c in 2011

Beside his activities in Prague he had also supported Budweis University as a visiting professor from 2006-2009. In 2021 he became one of the founding members of the International Advisory Board of the Faculty of Economics of the University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejuvice. 

In Russia he became

  • in 2003 “Professor honoris causa” at the Moscow academy of business at the Government of Moscow;
  • in 2007 doctor honoris causa at the Ural State University of Economics.

In 2006 Hallier was appointed in China from the School of International Relations of Economics and Trade of the Harbin Institute of Technology as a commissioner in its consulting committee.

In Kazakhstan in 2010 B.Hallier was appointed as a member of the Association of the Eurasian  Economic Club of Scientists. This organization was established  in 2008 by the president of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev and is backing the annual Astana Economic Forum in Kazakhstan. Among its speakers in 2010 had been three Nobel Prize Winners of Economics: Prof. Dr. R. A. Mundell (1999), Prof. Dr. F. E. Kydland (2004) and Prof. Dr. R.Y. Aumann (2005) and additionally in 2011 the Nobel Laureats John Nash (1994), Sir James A. Mirrless (1996) and as a Nobel Laureat for Chemistry Roger D. Kornberg (2006)

In 2011 B.Hallier was awarded with the "Star of Eurasia" and the title "Honorary Ambassador of Peace" by the Eurasian Economic Youth ForumIn 2012 it was labelled at the Astana Conference into the I World Economic Youth Forum - being attended by the  Nobel Laureates Prof.Dr. Aumann and Prof. Dr. Maskin. In 2018 he cooperated with G-Global to start in Astana the Silk Road Mayors' Club.

In Romania he got in 2011 the following awards:

  • from Romanian American University: Special Academic Merit; Laudatio by Rector Prof.Dr.Ovidiu Folcut/Dean of the Faculty of European Economic Studies and Faculty of Management-MarketingProf.Dr.Alexandru Ionescu

  • University MF Carol Davila: Diploma of  Excellence; Laudatio by Rector Prof. Dr. Florian Popa
  • The Senate of Romanian Scientific Management Society: Honorary Member; Laudatio by President Prof. Dr. Constantin Rosca
  • Romanian Distribution Committee: Honorary Member; Laudatio by President Prof.Dr. Theodor Purcarea

In 2012 within the framework of the International Year of Cooperatives declared by the General Assembly of the UN - the Republic of Moldova awarded Prof.Dr.Hallier the title "Honorary Member of the Moldavian Academic Cooperative Community".

In 2013 Hallier became Adjunct Professor at Vitez University in Bosnia-Herzogewina. Together with Circle International he is establishing double diploma via Distance Learning. In 2016 he got awarded in Mumbai/India by the Retail Leadership Award for India and Africa. In 2017 he helped to organize the First African Congress against Food Losses and Food Waste in Nairobi / Kenya

His publications cover themes of macro-economics as well a micro-economics especially in trade, but he also covers the intertwine between commerce and culture. His book “Culture and History of Commerce” is published in the German, Korean, and Russian tongue. The Chinese version is under preparation. His book “EuroShop” (German/English) became an international standard for shopfitting and was translated into Russian with  the title "Modern stores. A history of technical development".

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